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A Variety Of Easy-Listening Songs

Created hundreds of years ago, jazz encompasses a wide variety of genres, branching out into its very own indescribably beautiful formations of combined melodies. Its roots begin in blues and are never ending, allowing this genre to always surprise not only its listeners, but also its composers as they follow their heart during the creation of new songs. TJ Conner in Chicago, Illinois, does just this, following his highly trained ear as well as his heart when composing his songs.

Always Learning and Evolving As an Artist

Over the course of his career as an artist, TJ has developed an advanced understanding of music. He can write in string lines and form lines, enhancing his creative mix of sounds. His experience playing with multiple artists, talents, and styles of music has allowed him to evolve his melodic and harmonic strengths.

Of all the aspects of music production, TJ favors the creative part of his music above all else. Having the freedom to combine so many different styles allows him to create truly mesmerizing songs. Each track on his album is comprised of an individual blend of genres.

Genres Featured In TJ's Music Include:

• Gospel • Blues • Funk • Jazz

• R&B

Assorted Flavors Album

Listen On the Radio Or During Live Events

The compositions TJ creates are spreading across the nation like wildfire, taking over the internet and radio with an ever-growing demand. He has received calls from DJs all around the south asking to air his music on their radio stations. Performing at live events is an experience he is eternally grateful to be able to do for his fans. After hearing his one-of-a-kind mixture of melodies, it is clear that TJ is paving a new style for the future of jazz.

Enjoy TJ's Music Whenever You Would Like

TJ's CD, Assorted Flavors will lull you into a calming, peaceful sense of being at the end of a long day. This collection of easy-listening songs is hauntingly beautiful as though you were standing on a balcony at night, overlooking the ocean with the cool breeze refreshing your mind, body, and soul. Released by Tommytom Records in 2016, pick up his CD from CDBABY for a truly sensual listening experience.