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About TJ

Born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in the small historic town of Robbins, TJ Conner has been in the music business for over 35 years. He has written several plays as well as songs for other artists. TJ has also performed live at some of Chicago's top venues such as The Green Dolphin and The Red Finn Cafe.

For the past 19 years, TJ has served as a Church musician. Combining gospel, R&B and jazz are what gives TJ his compositional creativity. All of these styles of music reverberate throughout his mind, and, without letting one dominate the other, these styles get mixed into most of his compositions.

TJ is a high school special education teacher by day and a jazz musician during his spare time. He is married with four children. Working, writing music, and being a father and grandfather can be quite time-consuming. His youngest, three-year-old daughter, Kiyah, appears on his Assorted Flavors album. Kiyah is her father's number one fan. She sits next to him while he writes, and although she is just three years old, she has great rhythm and great music memory. She has memorized every song on the album and hums along each time they are played.

Currently available through CDBABY, TJ is very proud of his Assorted Flavors album. This album was truly a labor of love for him. Personal moments in his life are revealed in this music. TJ has begun working on his second album and is looking forward to teaming up with a variety of other musicians. His goal this time around is to work collaboratively with other artists, especially when using instruments, including horns, woodwinds, and percussions.

Currently residing in the Chicago area, TJ would like for all of his fans to share his music with others. He strongly feels that everyone can feel something through one or more of his songs.